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Early morning mist in lush rainforest in Cockscomb Bassin Jaguar Preserve

The Mayan ruins of Altun Ha in Northern Belize.


Full day Southern Belize Mayan ruins tour.........$105.00

Full day Northern Belize Mayan ruins tour.................$125.00

***Prices in U.S. dollars per person and includes park entrance fees.

***Lunch stop at restaurant of your choice.

***Tours subject to Government 10% GST.

OTHER MAYAN RUINS IN BELIZE: Belize is called "The land of the Maya", and with good reason. There are several other magnificent Mayan ruin sites located around the country, in different states of excavation and restoration.
El Caracol located in the western part of Belize

Caracol is located in the western part of Belize.

In the Belize District in the North is Altun Ha, the most extensively excavated site in the country. You can see two main plaza areas and about a dozen temples and pyramids. This tour is usually coupled with a visit to the Lamanai ruins in north central Belize. The Lamanai ruins located in the New River Lagoon is a fairly remote site which also gives visitors a glimpse of some pristine tropical forests. In the west the most famous site is Xunantunich, but there is also an interesting site called Caracol.
The Lamanai ruins located in northern Belize

The Lamanai ruins are located on the New River Lagoon in Northern Belize.

Caracol is home to the largest man made structure in all of Belize, a 143 pyramid constructed about 800 years ago! The site is in a fairly remote and hard to access location, which is unreachable during certain weather conditions. If you are fortunate enough to be in Belize when the site is accessible, it is a very worthwhile tour. In southern Belize there are the Labantuun and Nim Li Punit sites. Lubantuum is the largest site in the south and was constructed entirely without the use of mortar! Each stone was carefully measured and cut to fit precisely together. Nim Li Punit has a wide variety of large stone carvings, some of which measure over 30 feet. What to bring: Sunhat, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes (or boots) camera, water bottle, insect repellent.

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