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A wide variety of shorebirds in Sapodilla Lagoon in the Stann Creek District just south of Dangriga

A wide variety of tropical shore birds seen near the Sapodilla Lagoon in Stann Creek District


Inland Tours:

Full day National Park hiking tour with box lunch.........$95.00

Half day National Park hiking tour........................$65.00

***Prices in U.S. dollars per person and includes park entrance fees.

***Tours include brief stop at Maya Center Cultural Gift Shop.

Coastal Tours:

Full day tour to prime coastal bird area.................$125.00

***Coastal birdwatching tours include a delicious cooked lunch at a shrimp farm restaurant near the birdwatching site.

***Prices in U.S. dollars per person

***Tours subject to Government 10% GST

Exotic Birding in Belize: Belize is rapidly becoming known as an amazing destination for amateur and professional
The Massive yet Majestic Jabiru Stork in it's natural habitat near the Sapodilla Lagoon in Stann Creek

The Massive yet majestic Jabiru Stork at Sapodilla Lagoon

birdwatchers from all over the world. Thousands of birders come to Belize every year to see rare and unique birds in their natural and largely unspoilt habitats. There are almost 600 species of birds that make Belize their winter or full time home, with more being discovered all the time! In Belize you can spot everything from the very rare (and unbelievably huge!) Jabiru Stork to tropical varieties of Orioles and other more familiar birds. Of course you can also see Toucans, a variety of Parrots and colorful Macaws. If you are in coastal areas there are dozens of shore and sea birds which can be spotted both soaring in the air and feeding in the sea and wetlands.
An avid birdwatcher with some intereting birds in her sights

An avid birdwatcher with some interesting birds in her sights in Mayflower Park.

The Hummingbird Inn offers both inland jungle birdwatching tours and coastal shorebird watching tours. We are happy and proud to have one of the most knowledgeable local bird guides conducting tours for us! The inland tours usually take you to one of the protected national parks where you can literally see and photograph hundreds of tropical birds in their natural settings. The coastal tours will take you to some prime local areas such as the Sapodilla Lagoon where there is a very good chance to spot the very rare Jabiru Stork. The Jabiru Stork is Belize's national bird and is one of the largest flying birds in the world. It stands over five feet tall with an unbelievable 12 foot wingspan and looks like a small light aircraft when it takes off and flies!
The Yellow Tailed Oriole seen at the Hummingbird Inn

A Yellow Tailed Oriole seen at the Hummingbird Inn

You will also see Great Egrets, Whistling Ducks, Roseate Spoonbills, various Sandpipers, and a multitude of other spectacular shore birds on our coastal Bird Watching Tours. Before and after your professionally guided tours you can relax and watch an amazing variety of different birds on the ten acre resort of the Hummingbird Inn. Often while eating breakfast or dinner you only have to look up from your plate
A Great Blue Heron seen near Dangriga

A Great Blue Heron seen at sunset

to be delighted by the hummingbirds, orioles, hawks, owls, parrots and other birds that reside around the Inn. What to bring: Sun Hat, sun screen, comfortable walking shoes or boots, spotting scope or binoculars, camera with lots of batteries, video camera, insect repellent, pocket bird guide, water bottle.

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